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These are all of available licenses

The following contains specific license terms and conditions for graptail products. By accepting this agreement, you agree to comply with all the terms and conditions applicable to product included here in. More information about EULA will be explained on the next page, follow the instructions for using the license to make it easier for you to buy our products.

Web & Desktop Usage
Desktop Web
1 - 3 40 K Pageview
4 - 7 100 K Pageview
8 - 15 200 K Pageview
16 - 25 250 K Pageview
26 - 50 700 K Pageview
51 - 75 1 M Pageview
76 - 100 1.4 M Pageview
101 - 150 2.1 M Pageview
151 - 300 5 M Pageview
301 - 500 10 M Pageview
Permitted Use:

Logos, print material, marketing material, presentations, static/animated images for print/web, ads/banners for social media, corporate documents, videos, websites.

Forbidden use:

Cinema/tv movies, native apps, commercial games, user-customizable text-based products – purchase additional licensing for these uses.


No format-conversions or modifications of the font files are permitted; you may con- vert the font to outlines within a design software in order to create logos or lettering pieces.


Not permitted (with the exception of sending it temporarily to your printer or design agency).

Purchasing with the number of users on the desktop and the number of visitors to the website is the same as buying the license which is described below

1. Personal License

a. Buy in coloum 1 - 3 Desktop/ 40K Pageview

b. 5 Comercial Project

c. Unlimited Personal Project

d. 3 Computer Installation

e. Non-monotized Social Media ( Youtube, Instagram, Facebook ); Unlimited

f. Blog ; Unlimited Usage

g. Material Printing; 1000 sales/print/pcs

2. Comercial License

a. Buy in 16-25 Desktop/ 350K Pageview

b. Unlimited Comercial Project

c. 25 Computer Installation

d. Monotized Social Media ( Youtube, Instagram, Facebook ); Unlimited

e. Blog ; Unlimited Usage

f. Material Printing ; 2000 sales/print/pcs

g. Logotype usage

3. E-Pub License

a. Buy in 51-75 Desktop/ 1M Pageview

b. E-book/Publishing.

c. Socialmedia Monotized ; Unlimited Usage

d. Unlimited usages Print Poster Event Commercial/Corporate

e. Logotype usage

4. App & Game License

a. Buy in coloum 101 - 150 Desktop/2,1M Pageview

b. 1 App/Game

c. Unlimited usage for 1 app/game needed

5. Broadcast & National Corporate

a. Buy in 151-300 Desktop/ 5M Pageview

b. Movies / Vidoes

c. TV & Unlimited Broadcasting.

d. 1 National Corporate Branding.

e. Unlimited Installation

f. Unlimited Apps & Server

g. Unlimited End Product Sales

6. World Wide Corporate

a. Buy in 301-500 User/ 10M Pageview

b. 1 Corporate Branding

c. Unlimited Apps

d. Unlimited Commercial Project

e. Unlimited User & Installation

f. Unlimited Broadcasting

g. Unlimited Social Media & Blog

h. Worldwide

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